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Feeling tied up in knots? Get skilled & compassionate help.

A lot of us think our world, our bodies, our lives have to stay as they are, or that things are bound to only get worse. It’s hard not to give in to that thinking.

If that sounds like you, you know that unassisted stumbling through life feeds depression, anxiety and, well, loneliness.

We change the world by first changing ourselves and how we show up to our lives, our communities. Though I have sought out the best possible support for my journey, I have found that ultimately life itself is the best, most exacting, teacher. I offer a web of experience, of knowledge, that can’t be gleaned from a book or a class.

This is a small, “exclusive” practice by design. Part of what you receive here is a person-to-person interaction. You are not one among many but one among a few, honored & remembered.

If you are considering long term support for change, first explore the rest of this website. Then visit Schedulicity to schedule a FREE remote (via telephone) 15-minute consultation to discuss whether my weave of PaRama BodyTalk, Craniosacral Fascial Dental Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy and other modalities, along with my healing expertise and life wisdom, are a good fit for your needs, clarify how they can become a vital part of your journey home to yourself.

I am here to uphold you in your process with completely personalized healthcare, to help you to make wise choices about just the changes you need.  We are all unique beings with unique ways of being in the world. I listen to how much change your BodyMind is ready to release rather than pushing for more.  

In his 80s my Dad used to tell me it was too late for change. He said, This is how I am and this is the way I will always be. And yet he never really gave up on changing his health challenges, on learning from and about his body. What I’ve found is that change is always possible though it rarely looks the way you thought it would.

A long term client at BodyMind Spirit Healthcare describes her process like this, “I couldn’t put to words what was going on for me so I’m relying on my body to talk about the things I can’t get to. If my body can speak for me, that’s great. There’s a lot of things so deeply cocooned in me that I rely on my body to help me get out.” (D- Bozeman)

Sessions improve communication at every level of your BodyMind. They improve your self awareness. Layer by layer, feel “heard” at a level you have rarely experienced. Nourish your truest, most vital self (and discover who that is). Get help, again and again, to help integrate this new person who is going through this cycle.

I offer my best work with:  

  • Intuitive Fascial Release to mobilize cranial, neck & shoulder tightness; helping clients find relief from head & facial injury as well as dental trauma;
  • Exploring and shifting chronic health & behavioral challenges;
  • Navigating life transitions, choices and challenges (grief);
  • Alleviating stress and trauma; anxiety and isolation;
  • Brainstorming creative solutions to issues;
  • and healthy and graceful aging/saging;

Also find: 

  • A truly different approach to headache, neck and shoulder tension and pain;
  • Relief for TMJ;
  • Dental, orthodontic and medical treatment recovery and preparation (for medical procedures);
  • Gentle and effective release of surgical scars/adhesions and trauma, including C-sections; and
  • Improving the results you want from approaches like chiropractics and physical therapy

Exactly how?

Rooted in an interactive approach to energy medicine, I intuitively weave western medicine’s scientifically supported research with ancient and modern healing methods and principles, including epigenetics, Body Ecology (Human Microbiome), Shamanism, traditional Chinese medicine,  consciousness studies and energy psychology.

With the tools of BodyTalk Body-Mind Medicine, I facilitate a conversation between genes and the environment, addressing Epigenetic changes from inherited and acquired traumas or exposure to toxins. My intuitive approach to fascial release also addresses injuries and accidents, as well as recovery from medical and dental procedures, along with surgical scars/adhesions and trauma, including C-sections. I have experienced many of these myself. 

Modalities I’ve studied include Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral Fascial/Dental Therapy, San Baio acupressure, KaTaSee Traditional (Shamanic) Healing and Balancing, Eco Psychology and Life Coaching. I share wisdom gleaned from my eclectic life experience and my ongoing healing journey.  I stay up to date on my training, always learning new skills to bring to your session. Learn more.

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