Allergies, Toxins, Hormones,Bacteria & Viruses, oh my 

When you’ve had allergies, intolerances and chemical sensitivities for years, living symptom free or with dramatically decreased symptoms, can be hard to imagine.

BodyTalk addresses allergies including foods, medications, & things like insect bites. Intolerances, often food-related, create a slower, harder to pin-point reaction to one or more substances.

Glass Vials

Glass Vials

BodyTalk desensitizes the body without elimination diets. The body is balanced and strengthened in relationship to glass vials that contain information about the substance causing the reaction or the substance itself. The balancing is to the frequency of the substance so your body may be safely  exposed to it.

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Your body’s innate wisdom (the same innate wisdom that knows how to create a scab over a fresh wound) determines your body’s priorities for healing. The number of sessions required to create change are particular to you. It could take as few as 12 weekly sessions, with a follow up session several months later.

Jenna with Marita Kufe

A younger self with Marita Kufe who developed the BodyChemistry protocol.

Body Ecology: your “Microbiome”

By weaving the already amazing “old” BodyTalk BodyChemistry approach with solid insights based on the emerging science on the Human Microbiome,  your body can become healthier and less reactive.

Our ability to thrive is highly dependent on our interaction with our environment. Recent discoveries in science have poked holes in our understanding of things like allergies, intolerances, autoimmune and digestive disorders.

The beauty of BodyTalk is that it can immediately respond to the latest in cutting edge science.

It’s wild that our bodies can dramatically react to essentially neutral substances. The “why” of that involves your inner-microbial world and the immune system. As human beings, we are a complex ecosystem of our own cells living in a symbiotic relationship with 100 trillion bacteria and other microorganisms — the Human Microbiome. For a variety of reasons, for many of us critical microbiome community members are depleted or absent.

I attended the first-ever BodyTalk Body Ecology class in March of 2014 — live from Australia, repeated the class in Winter 2015 and again in Autumn 2016. Obviously, I believe that mastering this material is essential to my effectiveness as a BodyMind Spirit Healthcare Practitioner.

Here’s a great You Tube video on the Humane Microbiome | And another one
BodyEcology Class

Dr. John Veltheim, BodyTalk Founder, gives a session during the first BodyEcology Class, live online from Australia.