BodyTalk Therapy works for Animals too

Logo for BodyTalk for AnimalsBodyTalk for Animals celebrates the compelling bond pets share with their families, the role they play in the lives of their humans.

An energy-based therapy, it complements veterinary care by helping animals deal with stress, adapt to change, and release stored emotions that can lead to chronic health issues and behavior problems — concerns veterinary care may not be able to address.

An animal’s health directly relates to that of its pack. Many animals take on physical, emotional and energetic issues of the humans they are closest to help lighten the load. Treatments are safe, noninvasive, and gentle to the client – your pet – and informative to you, the human. It helps you to get to know rescue animals and supports their process of calming.

BodyTalk for Animals works on relationships, reduces stress and anxiety, increases well-being and deepens your relationship with your animal. It’s amazing with rescue animals. Take it from me. I have two of them.

The combination of energy work for both you and your animals offers the most significant results.  It’s best to work in an animal’s home environment and I travel within 10 miles of Bozeman. Beginning in spring 2019, I will offer BodyTalk for dogs in my fenced yard or garage as weather permits.