Fascia is your full body connective tissue web.

When any part of your body is injuried or traumatized, it creates strain that pulls on that web, applying tremendous pressure to nerves, muscles, organs, bones — and the brain.

Releasing fascial strain promotes freer movement in your spine and joints, along with less muscle spasm, pain and stiffness throughout. An unrestricted fascia and freely moving brain are a must for everyone—newborns, children, and adults.

The looser the fascia in your body is and the more readily the brain can expand and contract, the healthier you will be, the better and more free, you feel. (Learn more about fascia here).

Fascia releases layer by layer, generally with more recent injuries releasing first, then over time, releases reach further back in to older injuries and patterns.

After a fascia-focused session, generally people feel calm and relaxed. 

With the release of fascial strain and the return of healthier neurophysiology, a potential for real healing emerges.

“My trainer said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’ My mother said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.’ My husband said….
“Sometimes the gift is just being at peace for an hour — when do you get to do that? I go in to a kind of trance and the next thing I know, it’s over and I don’t know where I went. I wake up on the days I have a session scheduled and look forward to it.”
— Jen P.