Craniosacral Fascial/Dental Therapy (CFT)

CFT combines combines critical treatments for fascia and dental issues with the more familiar Craniosacral Therapy

Sessions are gentle and client-led, with the practitioner following your body’s lead. The results are a sense of lightness & ease, of renewed energy — the result of the “unwinding” or letting go of fascial strain patterns.

The difference between CFT and Craniosacral Therapy?

CFT’s founder, Dr. Barry Gillespie, says

” In my mind the fascial web appeared to rule the craniosacral system. I believed that the marriage of two great therapies, craniosacral and myofascial, into craniosacral fascial therapy was the ticket. When I added my periodontal oral/pharyngeal aspect, I felt something special was born.

“Later, I discovered a direct connection between the craniosacral and fascial systems, since a research study showed that cerebrospinal fluid was found in the collagen tubules. In essence I was getting maximum clinical results because I was treating the entire craniosacral fascial system.”

I trained with Dr. Gillespie.

Can you benefit from Craniosacral Fascial Therapy?

Buffalo headache self-care, Yellowstone National Park.

“As the brain expands and contracts unencumbered, the cerebrospinal fluid flow can naturally bring nutrition and detoxify the brain and spinal cord better. The craniosacral fascial system can act as a “second” brain while remembering and holding every major physical and emotional trauma after conception. The concept of peeling the layers of the onion to get to the individual’s core issues is at the heart of CFT.” — Dr. Barry Gillespie, CFT founder.

A few contra-indications for receiving CFT include:

  • Recovering from major surgery (allow 6 weeks for recovery)
  • Living with an indwelling shunt
  • Currently having orthodontic work done
  • Recovering from a stroke

” When tightness is released around the craniosacral system and throughout the body, cerebrospinal fluid can flow… TRUE healing can begin.” CFT Trainer, Kim Sherlock


“. . . What if aging has something to do with all structural tissue becoming very slightly tighter with each trauma after conception. Over a lifetime that tightness probably would create poorer physiology and more toxicity in the body. This concept makes sense because as people age in our culture, they tend to loose flexibility, develop arthritis, and need canes, walkers, etc. What if newborns had CFT at birth and CFT thru their entire lives? What if a 90-year-old had a very loose body? I know that I am biased, but a lifetime of CFT could be a key piece of the aging puzzle.”  — Dr. Barry Gillespie

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