Intuitive Fascial Release for Pain, Tension + Dis-ease

Experience deep relaxation & revitalized health

A basic tenet of physically-based healthcare systems says that “structure governs function.” When a structure like that of the lungs approaches what it could and should be, so will the functional health of the lungs.

Craniosacral Fascial/Dental Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy and BodyTalk’s energy-based body vivaxis re-alignments work by listening to your BodyMind. Physically-based healthcare often operates from an assumption there is a correct sequence in which to address issues but what I’ve learned is that correct sequencing is unique to a particular person at a particular time. My Intuitive Fascial Release sessions work “by priority” at every level of the body, from organs and endocrines to the fascia, tissues,  muscles  and bones, even in to the cells.

They can provide relief for conditions like:

  • Migraine, tension & sinus headache
  • Whiplash & concussion
  • Brain injury; foggy brain, overthinking
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Restricted breathing
  • Dental and surgical trauma & scars including C-sections
  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep issues
  • Healthful, graceful aging

Acute conditions (recent) respond more readily than chronic ones. For instance, a session right after dental work is much more effective than waiting a month.

New brain science suggests that long-term, chronic pain is not a continuation of “what caused the initial, perhaps acute, pain.” Rather,

Chronic pain is a whole new state, with its own underpinning mechanisms that can be shared across many different types of chronic pain despite completely different initiating causes . . . almost considering chronic pain now as a disease in its own right. . . . What we have learned after 20 years of neuroimaging is that the brain is key to experiencing pain. Read full article.

In short, long-term, chronic pain is a distinct, complex disease. Neurological changes create a heightened sensitivity to pain perception. The condition is influenced by genetics & epigenetics, injury, illness, inflammation and the emotional state of the person experiencing the pain. About 1/3 of chronic pain sufferers also experience anxiety.

BodyTalk teaches Cortices, a potent brain-balancing self-care technique. It also has a strong ability to work in and on the brain. As does Cranio-Sacral Fascial Therapy.

Because BodyMindSpirit Healthcare addresses the whole person, it has the ability to track underlying causes for conditions and address them now, rather than wait for science to develop a new biology with new mechanisms to target.  What I have found is that with  chronic pain, the best approach is consistent sessions over the long-term (plan on 3 to 6 months) using weave of BodyTalk’s far-reaching, structured energy medicine and hands-on approaches.  

I had chronic pain under my right kneecap for a year and a half. Though it didn’t affect any function of walking or exercising, it was a constant companion. I believed that it would be for the rest of my life. After my first session with Jenna, I noticed that the pain was gone. The next morning I bounced on my Urban Rebounder with no discomfort!  — Maryka Haskett

 I have specialized training in addressing the cranial & facial bones, dura mater & the brain itself. Change your brain, change the way you think & feel.