How It Works: Helpful Essential Info

– How many sessions might you need?-

Your first 3 sessions help you to destress and begin to attune to energy work. The next 6 to 9 sessions bring your body into a more dynamic and responsive balance, begin changing long-term patterns. There isn’t a set approach to any condition: each session is based on your body’s priorities for healing and is tailor-made in-the-moment just for you. You begin to learn from your body, experience the magic of letting your body’s experience and memory help teach you about who you are.

Chronic conditions have rooted over time. The longer you have had an illness or imbalance, the longer it may take to experience returning health.  It can take weeks to months to feel a real momentum of change. All the while your body is cleansing, realigning, re-establishing critical internal communication. Healing requires commitment, persistence and patience.  In the short term, you may be surprised by improvements in conditions you hadn’t realized you had!

– What do sessions do? –

Your sessions initiate a conversation in your BodyMind, stimulating your body to do what it was born knowing – how to heal itself. That process unfolds over weeks, and months, as your BodyMind works through the changes necessary to bring you to a state of optimal physical, mental and emotional health.  It’s like physical therapy for the Spirit with a side effect of healthcare.

– Preparing for your session-

  • During your session you remain fully clothed. Loose fitting clothing is best: no tight jeans, low cut shirts, skirts or dresses (unless you have shorts under them.). If you wear jewelry, make sure it is easily removable. Bring a comb or brush to fix your hair afterwards.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume/cologne/scented lotions and other strongly scented products. Since you remain clothed during your session, also avoid scented laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets.
  • Be mindful of what you eat and drink in the twenty-four hours before your session. Things like alcohol and non-prescription drugs — not eating at all or having a big piece of chocolate cake right before your session — can affect your metabolism and interfere with a session’s unfolding.  
  • Use the restroom right before your session.
  • Unless you are expecting a call of an emergency nature, during your session turn off your cell phone and any other electronic devices.

– How a Session Unfolds –

  • You remain clothed throughout your session, lying comfortably on a massage table. Because music can either enhance or distract from a session. Most often, Jenna works in silence.
  • Your actual session lasts about 50 minutes. Simple sessions are as profound as ones that are longer and more complex. Your bodymind knows how many changes and corrections it is ready to initiate at any given time. In energy terms, less is more.

In a BodyTalk focused session, the first step is to establish Yes/No communication — also called neuromuscular biofeedback, similar to applied kinesiology. This process determines the direction of your session.

  • Tapping on your body helps it to focus on healing. Tapping has been used by some indigenous holistic systems, such as yoga, for centuries. Tapping on the head tells the brain to “fix” faulty communication circuits and the heart to “store” that updated information, and the gut-brain to remember it. It activates the brain and helps to facilitate the body’s own ability to restore and maintain its optimum health.
  • The tapping is very light, and does not cause discomfort.

During a session, commonly experienced sensations include feeling warm or cold, a general experience of calm relaxation that spreads through your body, a sudden need to express an emotion such as laughing or crying, and abdominal gurgling as energy is released from the gut-brain and diaphragm.

– After your session –

  • Drink plenty of water over the 24 hours following your session.
  • It’s best if you schedule a buffer between your session and the next part of your day. Get a cup of tea, sit and relax.
  • Your session continues to unfold over at least the full 24 hour “meridian cycle” of Chinese Medicine, and generally for two to four days.
  • If you regularly receive chiropractic adjustments or see a massage therapist you should plan to do this a day or two after your session, not on the same day. You may find that the more sessions with Jenna that you do, the less you need adjustments or massage.
  • Your body actually remembers the work it receives and your healing process builds momentum with each additional session.
It’s helpful to print or bookmark this page for future reference.

– Here’s How a Few Clients Describe Their Experience –

BodyTalk gets an important conversation started in the body, the conversation about releasing and reconnecting. The practitioner’s deep listening on many subtle levels empowers the body to do what it does best! Heal.” — Karen L, LCPC

“The description of BodyTalk was hard for me to grasp. Experiencing it is a must! Your body gives the practitioner the information needed to work with you. Someone else is not making that decision for you. Jenna makes you feel comfortable and secure with her touch. My personal experience was phenomenal.” — Pat M., massage therapist

“After each session, I feel a tangible increase in circulation inside my cranium and a sense of an opening and shifting, as though the touching-tapping create messages that become massages to the ducting of my body – a combination of neural, circulatory and lymphatic system message/massage.” — Peter M., mental health professional & naturalist

Our daughter was living in Bozeman and had several visits with Jenna and insisted that I would really benefit from Jenna’s BodyTalk sessions. Our daughter also told me it wasn’t a problem that we live on the opposite side of Montana because Jenna could do BodyTalk from a distance. I don’t know how Jenna does it but she does! She has been very accurate in what BodyTalk has told her about me and I can feel sensations as she progresses through the session. I feel sounder, more grounded and am grateful for the work she has done.
                  — Karen S., Household management