Training + Certifications

A life long learner, I continually upgrade my skill set, my knowledge, both practical and esoteric. It’s fun!

Of 62 BodyTalk Trainings attended, I took 27 from BodyTalk founder Dr. John Veltheim, six of those in person. I have maintained my status as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner since 2008. (Check The BodyTalk website for current Montana CBPs).

Most of my Ortho-Bionomy coursework has been completed with first-generation instructors who studied with the founder, Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls (deceased). I studied Craniosacral Fascial Therapy with its founder, Dr. Barry Gillespie, and trained in life coaching with the founder of the coaching process, Thomas Leonard.

Staying up to date with coursework, assures I offer state of the art BodyMind Spirit Healthcare.

Here are a few specific recent trainings.


Getting a session with Dr. Laura Stuve

Evolve Epigenetics, Dr. Laura Stuve
Women’s Medicine, Kay Cordell Whitaker
Year of Ceremony, Sounds True, Various Instructors


Jenna with BodyTalk founder, Dr. John Veltheim, April 2016.


Empath’s Survival Guide Online Course, Dr. Judith Orloff
— Eastern Medicine, Dr. John Veltheim
Advanced Extremities, (Ortho-Bionomy), Lynne Marotta
– BodyTalk for Plants, Dr. John Veltheim
– BodyTalk Conference, Various presenters
– Ortho-Bionomy Study Group: Self-care
— BodyEcology Master Group, Dr. Laura Stuve
Ongoing: Secret Codes of Healing (Red Door Radionics), Kay Cordell Whitaker


Energetics class with Dr. John Veltheim, South Dakota

Exploration of Movement (Ortho-Bionomy), Lynne Marotta
Bio-Dynamics, Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio
Energetics, Dr. John Veltheim (BodyTalk Founder)
– Ortho-Bionomy Study Group: The Cervical Spine
— Advanced
Ongoing: Secret Codes of Healing (Red Door Radionics), Kay Cordell Whitaker


Principles of Consciousness, Mary Shields
Cranials, Richard Valasek (Advanced Instructor in Ortho-Bionomy)
Practitioner Presence and Energetics, Dr. John Veltheim (BodyTalk Founder)
Human BodyEcology, Dr. John Veltheim and Laura Stuve, Ph.D.
Lymphatic Drainage, Dr. Tracey Clark D.O. (MP)
Macrocosmic Mind, Dr. Laura Stuve, Ph.D.
Practitioner Ethics & Strain/Counter Strain for the Pelvis (Ortho-Bionomy)


– San Biao, Three Treasurers, Acupressure
– Associate Member, Ortho-Bionomy
– Ortho-Bionomy, Phase 6 & 7 (Energy work)
BodyTalk for Plants, Dr. John Veltheim (BodyTalk Founder)
– Ortho-Bionomy, posture and post techniques for self-care and addressing scoliosis
– PaRama 2 Practical, Dr. John Veltheim (BodyTalk Founder)
BodyEcology: The Human Microbiome, Dr. John Veltheim (BodyTalk Founder) and Dr. Laura Stuve
Structural Integration Concepts for BodyTalk, Lynn Teachworth

Jenna with Lynn Teachworth

Jenna with BodyTalk Structural Integration class founder, Lynn Teachworth

– Certified Integrative Reflexologist
– Surgical Trauma & Scar Tissue Release from Ortho-Bionomy
– Circle of Trust Leadership Retreat

Understanding Human Performance, BodyTalk for High Performance
– Montana Licensed Massage Therapist
– Craniosacral Fascial Therapist

Jenna receiving a session from BodyTalk founder, Dr. John Veltheim

Jenna receiving a session from BodyTalk founder, Dr. John Veltheim

Finding Health & Treatment Intensive, Dr. John Veltheim (BodyTalk Founder)
AnimalTalk, BodyTalk for Animals

– Interactive & PlantTalk, Dr. John Veltheim (BodyTalk Founder)

– Other Trainings and Certifications –

– 2007: Certified Ka Ta See Traditional Healing Practitioner
– 2003: Graduate Coach U, LifeCoach
– 1982  to present: special needs parenting and advocacy
– 1980 to present: business building from the ground up
– 1976: UC Santa Cruz, double honors in Environmental & Community Studies, with a focus in Native American Studies

Before that? Living life. Finding my way. Still doing that.