Success Stories

 Winter view from office window.

Winter view from office window.

“Thank you for all the incredible work!~ The amount of healing, wisdom and encouragement is unparalleled to literally anyone else in my life. . . I wouldn’t be as healthy and happy and successful as I am today if it wasn’t for you!”— Aspen K.

“I injured my knee while skiing and was told to have surgery. I decided to look for other solutions and came to see Jenna. I liked her gentle approach, listening to the body, working with it without causing further pain. After 6 months I went for a doctor follow up and was told I wouldn’t need surgery after all.” — Ruth Masshardt

“Thanks for a great session. I would certainly come to you if I lived in your area for your session shows the depth of your knowledge and intuition. I am grateful for your help.”  – Fred P – BodyTalk Practitioner (long distance session)

“Jenna’s Bodytalk practice is one of the most subtly profound healing modalities I’ve experienced. I always leave a session relaxed, slightly spacey, and amazed that she was able to access such depth. The shifts can be intense in the days that follow, but I know that it is my body healing my spirit. I see Jenna as an intentional conduit for expansive, fluid healing that is often difficult to verbalize.  She can serve as powerful healer for people who feel slightly off, to those who suffer from chronic pain.” — Jami Wright

This session REALLY kicked the bladder issue I had for some time which was being attributed to to the aging process and weak pelvic floor/core muscles. The urgency issue is gone. Go BT and thank you again for the session. This one really made a difference.”  — Wenda M — BodyTalk Practitioner (long-distance session)

Body Talk-2828“I was getting back surgery & asked Jenna to work on me long distance before, during and after surgery. I felt her presence, the presence of her energy, and experienced great support, and relief. I required only a small amount of anesthesia & had a real lessening of symptoms after surgery. If you’re getting surgery, I highly recommend BodyTalk with Jenna.”  — Cyndi Fonda

In my long journey toward healing from Lyme disease, it was suggested to me to try Body Talk as part of my overall treatment. After several sessions with Jenna, I made significant progress in my feelings of despair and overall healing of my pain. I don’t know how she does it, but I was amazed at the difference she made in my quality of life. She identifies and resolves underlying causative factors specific only to me. Since I live in Billings, and she is in Bozeman, it was been necessary to do sessions via long distance. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at how successful those treatments were! Jenna has been an unending light in my journey towards health.— Shelly R.

Less Pain, More Joy, Long Term

I have experienced profound emotional and physical shifts with Jenna and Body Talk sessions. After a car accident, I went immediately to a Body Talk session and have had no side effects or pain. Chronic knee pain has disappeared, pain from dental work is non existent and despite an autoimmune disease my body feels much stronger and healthier. (On a side note, I had very limited mobility on my right shoulder due to an accident, but since starting your sessions I now have full mobility and just realized when I was reaching for something the other day!)

Body Talk sessions have helped me to effortlessly break through limiting beliefs without struggle or guilt. I have a sense of peace and optimism that has eluded me for years and my stress level has dropped significantly.” — E. G., Bozeman


“I have been a client of Jenna’s for over two years and find her skill, intuition, professionalism, and wisdom an invaluable part of my healthcare. During my recent pregnancy, Jenna’s work helped me navigate the tremendous changes and, I believe, Bodytalk is part of why my baby is so healthy and happy. I appreciate the way she weaves her years of studying multiple modalities into a thorough and comprehensive visit. Much gratitude Jenna!”  –Dr.Holcomb Johnson

Heart weirdness has stopped and no dizzy spells.Yes, this stuff works.— Terry P

“I came in for a BodyTalk session about one thing and that was resolved, but I also had a wonderful surprise when I came home to discover that my knee no longer hurt as I climbed the hill to get to my house. There had been about 10 steps at the steepest part of the hill that would bother my knee a bit. I think of Jenna every time I walk home pain-free, which is every day now. — Katherine E

“I initially tried BodyTalk for a very specific reason: to reconnect to my body and get my energy “flow” back after surgery. Within the first two sessions this was successful! And there were even more results I wasn’t expecting, which is why I keep going back.” — Client on recovering from a C-Section  

“Jenna did a BodyTalk session right before I had a very intense exam in Accounting. I felt so much calmer and centered during the exam. I recommend anyone who knows they have a stressful meeting about to happen to first contact Jenna for a session. It is well worth the time and money!” — Anna Marie R.

. . . began turning my healing around – can’t explain it, but after our session a sense of lightness and possibility re-entered my life and I made a shift. Deep thanks to a special healer. . . I have found our BodyTalk sessions to be the most helpful aspect of my healing.” — Client, after shoulder surgery

“Since receiving BodyTalk, I find that I can notice my anxiety rising and can effectively intervene. On a scale of 1 to 10, that’s a 7 for me. I realize that health is an inside job, am doing better at living one day at a time. Anne, recovering from PTSD

“My allergies are much better, especially the seasonal ones. I rarely get horrible headaches any more, and my skin isn’t as dry this winter.” — Kelly, Household management and Permaculturist

“Since starting BodyTalk. I have a deeper sleep, feeling more rested and relaxed when I wake.” Teresa, Administrative Assistant

“My daughter went to Jenna during a particularly nasty depressive episode, and I really noticed a difference in her after the therapy, as did she. It did help speed her healing, and that was just one CFT treatment.” CR, Bozeman

muscletestingWhat’s a session like?

BodyTalk gets an important conversation started in the body, the conversation about releasing and reconnecting. The practitioner’s deep listening on many subtle levels empowers the body to do what it does best! Heal.” — Karen L, LCPC

“The description of BodyTalk was hard for me to grasp. Experiencing it is a must! Your body gives the practitioner the information needed to work with you. Someone else is not making that decision for you. Jenna makes you feel comfortable and secure with her touch. My personal experience was phenomenal.” — Pat M., massage therapist

“After each session, I feel a tangible increase in circulation inside my cranium and a sense of an opening and shifting, as though the touching-tapping create messages that become massages to the ducting of my body – a combination of neural, circulatory and lymphatic system message/massage.” — Peter M., mental health professional & naturalist

Our daughter was living in Bozeman and had several visits with Jenna and insisted that I would really benefit from Jenna’s BodyTalk sessions. Our daughter also told me it wasn’t a problem that we live on the opposite side of Montana because Jenna could do BodyTalk from a distance. I don’t know how Jenna does it but she does! She has been very accurate in what BodyTalk has told her about me and I can feel sensations as she progresses through the session. I feel sounder, more grounded and am grateful for the work she has done.
                  — Karen S., Household management

Help your body more effectively respond to stress, injury and illness

“I injured my knee while skiing and was told to have surgery. I decided to look for other solutions and came to see Jenna. I liked her gentle approach, listening to the body, workting with and without causing further pain. After 6 months I went for a doctor follow up and was told I wouldn’t need sugery after all. Pretty exciting!” — Ruth Masshardt

“Sometimes the gift is just being at peace for an hour — when do you get to do that? I go in to a kind of trance and the next thing I know, it’s over and I don’t know where I went. I wake up on the days I have a session scheduled and look forward to it.”  — Jen Perry

“I don’t know what you did, but I feel much better. None of my symptoms have cPinkAmBeautyome back since the session on Friday. Thank you again.” — Jenny R., Student at MSU

Your sessions are like a slow spinning oasis in my madcap world. BodyTalk has peeled back the layers of my unconscious, creating emotional release and a clearing and lightening of my heart, mind, and body. — Heather, mom & keeper to three small people

“My self-esteem and observation of self-worth is improving. Jenna is quite fast, her energy felt confident as she worked with me. After my session I get rebooted, grounded and rooted.” —Lisa, artist

“Just by coming in to your office and getting on the table, my energy field starts to balance. — Damian S.

“I feel so much better. Really.” — Marcia 

“My Mother and I send you many thanks for the loving care you extended when she took a terrible fall, landing face down on a concrete floor.  You stepped forward to ease her pain and relieve what seemed to be shock.  She is 81 and can easily lose her balance. The treatment you gave was gentle but so effective! It not only began correcting the rapid swelling of her nose it visibly calmed her nervous system. She slept well that night and had minimal soreness the next day. In days to come she did have bruising but no inflammation. 

“I was not familiar with the process you called Cortices. I witnessed its effectiveness and am impressed with your abilities. Above all, I and my Mother acknowledge and are grateful for your natural gift to step forward to help heal.”  – Marsha M and her mother, Peggy

“I had chronic pain under my right kneecap for a year and a half. Though it didn’t affect any function of walking or exercising, it was a constant companion. I believed that it would be for the rest of my life. After my first session with Jenna, I noticed that the pain was gone. The next morning I bounced on my Urban Rebounder with no discomfort!  A gifted practitioner, Jenna’s approach is subtle, gentle, poweful and effective. If you need an alternative to your current mode of treatment that is not delivering results, I recommend that you give BodyTalk & Integrative Healthcare a try!”  — Maryka Haskett