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Bridge the gap between who & how you are now to a fresh, new way of being. Become an active participant in your own healing experience.

Here’s an invitation to transform your life, to live healthier, to better know yourself. It’s startling what can really be lurking behind chronic conditions. 

BodyMind Spirit Healthcare addresses you as a whole person – including emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual and ancestral influences – so that the underlying causes of dissatisfaction and disease can be balanced and understood.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
–Joseph Campbell

Session by session, experience improved quality of life, a greater sense of physical and personal well-being. Gain awarenss and self-understanding. Improve your relationships with self and others. Awaken your connection to your body and the earth.

Disease symptoms, pain and discomfort indicate that your BodyMind has gotten behind in its natural healing process and needs help to get back on track.

Sessions are hands-on, clothed and gentle, gentle. If you’re someone who tightens up after a massage, you’ll be pleased and surprised by how well you respond to BodyMind Spirit Healthcare. Experience a sense of lightness & ease, of renewed energy. Each session works “by priority” at every level of your body, from organs and endocrines to the fascia, tissues, muscles and bones, even in to the cells. Each is custom designed, just for you – so that you heal in the way you need. (Find out more about “By Priority” Healthcare, here).

BodyMind Spirit Healthcare successfully addresses 

  • Reluctance to move through life transitions, choices and challenges (grief);
  • The stresses and strains of every day life along with long term stress and trauma;
  • Anxiety, depression and fatigue;
  • Brain injury and concussion;
  • The challenges inherent to being an empath or “supersensitive” person;
  • Limiting patterns of behavior and thinking;
  • Healthy and graceful aging/saging;

Also find help for: 

  • Head injury
  • Headache, neck and shoulder tension and pain;
  • TMJ;
  • Dental, orthodontic and medical treatment recovery and preparation (for medical procedures);
  • Digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Allergies;
  • Chronic pain;
  • Surgical scars/adhesions and trauma, including C-sections; and
  • Not getting the results you want from approaches like chiropractics and physical therapy

Sessions facilitate your change process, helping you move into the realm of greater possibility, to birth a new way of being.

Nourish your truest, most vital self (and discover who that is). 

From Jenna

There are so many places on a woman’s healing journey where the best guide is another woman. If you were headed on an expedition, you would want a guide experienced in that particular journey.

I am passionate about helping women facing great change or wanting change to become more present in their lives and bodies, helping them to remember what it feels like to be them. I also specialize in working with highly sensitive people & empaths.

Rooted in an interactive approach to energy medicine, I weave western medicine’s scientifically supported research with ancient and modern healing methods and principles, including chiropractics, epigenetics, Human Microbiome, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, consciousness studies and energy psychology.

A Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner, I also practice Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral Fascial/Dental Therapy, San Baio acupressure, KaTaSee Traditional (Shamanic) Healing and Balancing, and Life Coaching. I share wisdom gleaned from my eclectic life experience and my ongoing healing journey.

I stay up to date on my training, always learning new skills to bring to your session. Learn more.


Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to discover how my weave of PaRama BodyTalk, Craniosacral Fascial Dental Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy and other modalities, along with my healing expertise and life wisdom, can become a vital part of your path to improved health. You may also visit the FAQ page.

A healthier life is a happier life. 

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