When you experience changes in health + wellbeing that conventional medicine believes impossible, it inspires continued exploration.

Curious, with a fundamental love for wild nature and for human-influenced beauty, I am a compassionate & intuitive (and highly trained) facilitator for your healing journey. 

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I began my own healing journey at UC Santa Cruz in the 1970s. UCSC’s Community Studies program required me to do field study and write an undergraduate thesis. So, I lived on the Crow Reservation for six months and worked on a how-to manual for traditional crafts for the local 4-H program. I hung out with the two ladies at the Crow Arts & Crafts Cooperative. I learned to bead while listening to their stories. I participated in my first sweat-bath ceremony and promptly drove my VW bug in a ditch.

Two years later, I married a Crow Indian. When our daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome, I began  a lifesaving healing journey for her and myself.

I have more than 40 years of business ownership expertise, 18 of which as the owner/partner/president of Accents West, Inc., one of the first Montana businesses with a flair for the New West. I mentored many young women on their personal and professional life journeys. On closing the store, I trained to become a Life Coach, then committed to learning KaTaSee Traditional Healing and Balancing, becoming a practitioner of holistic healing arts.


Sessions bridge old and new paradigms of health and healing.

When I migrated from California to Montana, I wanted a rural lifestyle: to be where wild things roam and touch the cultural and spiritual roots of the West.

I led Crow-style sweats for women for more than 30 years, went on solo vision quests/retreats for 16. I completed most of the coursework to certify in Nature Connect work (eco-psychology), but let it go when I began to study BodyTalk™.

In 2003, I began four years of intensive study in Ka Ta See Traditional Healing and Balancing and am one of a small group of certified practitioners. I continued as an advanced student until 2012.

In 2009, I became a certified BodyTalk™ practitioner. In 2012, I trained in Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. In 2013, I began to study Ortho-Bionomy.

When I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with double honors, I remember wishing I could “just” be a medicine woman, a healer. All these years later, it’s odd to find that I am that, though not in the way I imagined.

In my quest for wholeness and health, I have sampled a smorgasbord of approaches: counseling and hypnosis, chiropractics, massage, physical therapy, Shamanic healing, sweat baths and Sundance ceremonies. For three years, I trained in Life and Business Coaching and was one of the first in Bozeman.

Jenna art (1)

The portrait to the left is one my daughter penned in a notebook. It so accurately portrays my stress level at the time that after gifting it to me decades ago, she has never wanted to look at it again.

I used to feel like I was caught in a trash compactor and it was squeezing the life out of me. Now, there is so much research about the effects of childhood trauma, but at that time there simply wasn’t and I often felt crazy.

To calm down, feel better and keep going, I became a workshop junkie, looking for that singular piece of information that would make all the difference. I read self-help book after self-help book. I looked for the one person, single approach, that could give me the crucial key to my own healing.

If my daughter hadn’t needed me, I probably would have given up on myself, on life.

BodyTalk™ Therapy became an essential missing piece.

I was introduced to BodyTalk by a physical therapist that had learned a couple of techniques from a friend. One of those was the Cortices brain-balancing technique. It immediately calmed my overactive mind. When I first practiced it on myself, I felt like I was holding my brain in, giving it the safe and quiet space it had needed for so long.

Already a Certified Ka Ta See Traditional Healing and Balancing Practitioner, I embraced BodyTalk’s more mainstream approach to energy healing and balancing. I was attracted to its scope— both simple and complex— and to being able to comfortably present myself as a energy healer while I still worked in Gallatin County’s criminal justice system.

I began to manage my stress. I reduced and then eliminated my dependency on over-the-counter painkillers. My thinking got clearer; my ability to be constructively linear and analytical strengthened.

In 2012, I found Craniosacral Fascial/Dental Therapy, the missing link in providing a hands-on approach to address and unwind connective tissue. Likewise, Ortho-Bionomy invites release with gentle touch, supporting the body’s organic movement. I’ve taught my daughter how to do some of these techniques; we work on each other. And I work on myself a lot. I am an enthusiastic advocate for consistent and persistent self-care.

I specialize in working with super-sensitive people, with introverts and empaths; with women. To experience true healing, I believe women need the mentorship and wisdom of a woman committed to her own healing path. My clients range from in-utero to grey-headed. Daily, I am in awe of our healing capacity, of how different one person’s healing process from a particular condition might be from another’s with the same diagnosis. Read a few client testimonials.

I walk the mountains of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, generally with a four-legged companion. I write for the Distinctly Montana blog and am working on a memoir. I read and read and read, largely novels. During the summers, the garden beckons. And I relentlessly pursue my own healing journey.


****** Life is a healing journey home to ourselves. There’s no one-size-fits-all roadmap. There are guideposts and steps to take that others have found to work — seven steps to this, 12 steps to that — but ultimately, it’s an individual journey. However far you choose to travel, there is further yet to go. Truly, the journey toward health can be a long and winding road. The challenges are formidable, the rewards fantastic.