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When you click on the “Schedule Now” button, choose from available services.

  • For a first session, download and fill out the new client (intake) forms. The longer time frame of an intake  allows us to review the intake form and to answer any questions you might have. Thereafter, you would schedule an Integrative Session.
  • You may also start with a regular session and review of the intake will be abbreviated and revisited over time.

Specialty BodyTalk sessions include

          • Lymphatic Drainage, the Veltheim Method: a highly effective way of moving interstitial fluid through tissues & in to the lymphatic system and helps improve immune system function.
          • Body and Birth “Vivaxis” (life-axis) physical realignments
          • BodyTalk to balance organizational dynamics & for performance, such as athletic competitions
          • BodyTalk for Animals (and plant communities)

Other specialities include

  • Hand & ear Reflexology to reduce stress and improve breathing & digestion
  • Ka Ta See Traditional Healing
  • San Baio Three Treasures Acupressure

I generally weave approaches. Each is gentle and non-invasive. It’s the un-massage 🙂 

– Can I work from a distance? –

  • Physics supports the idea that consciousness can be communicated across any distance. Distance sessions can be as or more powerful and effective than in-person sessions.
  • I work from a distance over the phone,  via email, or I can send a recording of your session when it’s complete.
  • You will need to provide a photograph of yourself.
  • Distance sessions are scheduled just like regular sessions. If possible, it’s best to get at least one session in person.

“Thanks for a great session. I would certainly come to you if I lived in your area for  your session shows the depth of your knowledge and intuition. I am grateful for your help.” Fred P. BodyTalk Practitioner (long-distance session).

– Pricing and payment- 

  • Payment is by cash, check and credit card and is due at the time of your session. Distance sessions may be pre-paid via PayPal.
  • Though I don’t offer massage, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. If you have Montana insurance coverage for medical massage you may be reimbursed for your session less a co-pay. Even without direct coverage, if you have a prescription for massage, your session may be reimbursible through many “flex” health accounts.

– Late arrivals, missed sessions, canceling or rescheduling Appointments –

  • Your appointment time is reserved for you and ONLY you. I do not offer several sessions at one time as many Acupuncturists do. If you arrive late for a scheduled session, your session time will end as originally scheduled and there will be no fee reduction.
  • If you miss a scheduled session, you may be invoiced for the full session fee, or will forfeit the fee if you have pre-paid for the session, except in the event of a medical emergency.*

 *Cancellation fees will not apply in the case of medical emergencies such as accidents and sudden serious hospitalizations involving you and/or your immediate family members.

– Questions? –

  • Questions? Call for a FREE 15-minute consultation to see how sessions at Bozeman BodyTalk & Integrative Healthcare might benefit you. You may also schedule  your initial consultation and future appointments through Schedulicity.

“I so much appreciate the work you do, your lovely attitude, the openness of doing what ever is necessary, be it BodyTalk or Craniosacral Fascial Therapy.” — H.N.C.